Announcing Tehula: Send a text message, get a location back

July 13, 2012

I’m really thrilled to announce that after writing code during a week and waiting twice that amount of time for it to be reviewed, Tehula, a location request app, is now available for $0.99 on the AppStore.

The basic premise is that we’ve all been confronted with situations where we are waiting for someone, they run late, and usually what follows is a mix of phone calls to ask them where they are, and them looking for a street sign or struggling with their GPS app while on speaker phone. This is broken.

That’s why I’ve been developing Tehula to streamline and simplify this process: you send a regular text message and get the recipient’s location back. It’s as simple as that.

Send a text message, get a location back. Could not be easier than that!

The way it works is that we generate a unique link which is included in the text message. When the recipient opens this link in their web browser, they are given the possibility to share their location. Then you are notified, and the app shows their position on a map. Easy as pie right?

The best part is that Tehula only requires the one asking “where are you?” to have the app installed, the recipient does not need the app to share his location — he does not even need an iPhone for what matters. As long as they have a device with internet access and geolocation, you are good to go. And in case they do not… Well, it’s still a regular text message, so they can still answer in the old-fashioned way.

Privacy-wise, Tehula only acts as a messenger, as soon as you are notified and you download the location information, all data related to that particular location request is deleted from our servers. I believe I’m here to enhance your day to day life, not to farm your personal data.

I am a data scientist interested in social network analysis and applied graph theory. In my free time, I run Tehula, a useful and dead simple location querying service. You shouldn't follow me on Twitter, I barely tweet.